HALF SANGAM (10 KA 10000)

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To play half sangam matka select a combination of a single number and a tripple digit number and place your bets in either open half sangm or close half sangame, and then choose your preffered market to place your bets.

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What is Half Sangam?

Half Sangam is a popular term in the world of matka, a form of gambling that originated in India. It involves combining a single digit (ank) with a set of three digits (patti).

Types of Half Sangam

Open Ank & Close Panna: In this variation, players can place bets on a combination of an open ank and a close patti. The "open ank" is a single digit declared openly during the game, while the "close patti" is a set of three digits hidden until the end of the game.

Close Ank & Open Panna: In this alternative, players can place bets on a combination of a close ank and an open patti. The "close ank" is a single digit kept confidential until the game concludes, and the "open patti" is a set of three digits revealed during the game.

How to Play Half Sangam Online

  1. Choose the Market: Select the specific matka market in which you want to participate. Different markets may have variations in rules and payouts.
  2. Select a Pair: Choose a pair to bet on. The pairs consist of either an open ank and close panna or a close ank and open panna, depending on your preference.
  3. Place Bets: Once you have selected your preferred pair, place your bets online. The amount you wager will depend on your strategy and risk tolerance.
  4. Wait for Results: After placing your bets, wait for the game results to be declared. The outcome is determined based on the combination of open and close numbers, and payouts are made accordingly.